Adams, Roni | The Cowboy Comes Home
Admirand, C.H. | Dylan
Admirand, C.H. | Tyler
Alexander, Kortny | Surrendering to Summer
Andre, Bella | Never Too Hot
Andrews, Mary Kay | Ladies' Night
Andrews, Mary Kay | Spring Fever
Andrews, Mary Kay | Summer Rental
Ashley, Amanda | Everlasting Kiss
Ayers, Sidney | Demons Prefer Blondes

Baggott, Julianna | Pure
Banks, Maya | After the Storm
Banks, Maya | Colters' Lady
Banks, Maya | The Darkest Hour
Banks, Maya | Forged in Steele
Banks, Maya | Four Play {Pillow Talk}
Banks, Maya | Hidden Away
Banks, Maya | In Bed With a Higlander
Banks, Maya | Linger
Banks, Maya | No Place to Run
Banks, Maya | Rush
Banks, Maya | Sweet Temptation
Banks, Maya | Theirs to Keep
Banks, Maya | Whispers in the Dark
Beckett, Macy | Sultry With a Twist
Black, Shayla | Delicious
Black, Shayla | Four Play {Her Fantasy Men}
Blake, Toni | Sugar Creek
Blue, Ally | Easy
Bodine, Sherrill | A Black Tie Affair
Bond, Stephanie | Baby, Come Home
Bond, Stephanie | Baby, Don't Go
Bond, Stephanie | Baby, Drive South
Bond, Stephanie | Baby, I'm Yours
Braemel, Leah | Tangled Past
Braemel, Leah | Texas Tangle
Brockmann, Suzanne | Breaking the Rules
Brockmann, Suzanne | Future Perfect
Brooke, Leah | Dakota Ranch Crude
Brooke, Leah | Her Dakota Men
Brooks, Alyssa | Restrain Me
Brooks, Cheryl | Stud
Brooks, Cheryl | Virgin
Brown, Carolyn | Hell, Yeah
Brown, Carolyn | I Love This Bar
Brown, Carolyn | Love Drunk Cowboy
Brown, Sandra | Lethal
Brown, Sandra | Love is Murder
Burton, Jaci | The Perfect Play
Burton, Jaci | Wild, Wicked, & Wanton
Byrnes, Jenna | Fool's Gold

Callahan, Coreene | Fury of Fire
Carew, Opal | Forbidden Heat
Carew, Opal | Six
Carlisle, Kate | Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise
Carmack, Cora | Losing It
Carr, Robyn | Angel's Peak
Carr, Robyn | Bring Me Home for Christmas
Carr, Robyn | The Chance
Carr, Robyn | Forbidden Falls
Carr, Robyn | Four Friends
Carr, Robyn | Harvest Moon
Carr, Robyn | The Hero
Carr, Robyn | Hidden Summit
Carr, Robyn | Moonlight Road
Carr, Robyn | The Newcomer
Carr, Robyn | Promise Canyon
Carr, Robyn | Redwood Bend
Carr, Robyn | The Wanderer
Carr, Robyn | Wild Man Creek
Cash, Dixie | Don't Make Me Choose Between You and My Shoes
Cash, Dixie | I Gave You My Heart, but You Sold It Online
Cash, Dixie | My Heart May Be Broken, But My Hair Still Looks Great
Cash, Dixie | Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash
Cassidy, Dakota | The Accidental Werewolf
Castille, Sarah | Against the Ropes
Castle, Jayne | Canyons of Night
Castle, Jayne | Midnight Crystal
Chapman, Janet | Dragon Warrior
Chapman, Janet | Mystical Warrior
Chase, Ashlyn | The Vampire Next Door
Chase, Emma | Tangled
Chase, Emma | Twisted
Ciotta, Beth | Into the Wild
Clark, Rachel | Taydelaan {Additional Review}
Clark, Rachel | Their Taydelaan {Additional Review}
Clayton, Alice | The Unidentified Redhead
Clenney, Anita | Awaken the Highland Warrior
Clenney, Anita | Embrace the Highland Warrior
Cole, Jennifer | A Delicious Taboo
Cole, Jennifer | A Delicious Taboo Plus Two
Craig, Christie | Don't Mess With Texas
Craig, Jamie | January: Miami's Perfect Weekend
Crusie, Jennifer | Trust Me on This
Crusie, Jennifer | Wild Ride
Cunning, Olivia | Backstage Pass
Cunning, Olivia | Double Time
Cunning, Oliva | Hot Ticket
Cunning, Olivia | Rock Hard
Cunning, Olivia | Wicked Beat

Dahl, Victoria | Bad Boys Do
Dahl, Victoria | Crazy for Love
Dahl, Victoria | Good Girls Don't
Dahl, Victoria | The Guy Next Door {Just a Taste}
Dane, Cameron | A Fostered Love
Dane, Lauren | Coming Undone
Dane, Lauren | Drawn Together
Dane, Lauren | Inside Out
Dane, Lauren | Laid Bare
Dane, Lauren | Never Enough
Dane, Lauren | Once and Again
Dane, Lauren | Wolf Unbound
Daniels, B.J. | Justice at Cardwell Ranch
Dare, Lydia | In the Heat of the Bite
Daughtridge, Mary Margret | SEALed Forever
Day, Sylvia | Bared to You
Dessen, Sarah | What Happened to Goodbye
Donovan, Susan | Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Donovan, Susan | The Guy Next Door {Gail Gone Wild}
Dragon, Cheryl | Arresting Abby
Dreiling, Vicky | How to Marry a Duke
Dwyer, Dixie Lynn |  SWAT Team One and the Social Worker {Additional Review}
Dwyer, Dixie Lynn | SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood {Additional Review}

Elkeles, Simone | Chain Reaction
Elkeles, Simone | Perfect Chemistry
Elkeles, Simone | Rules of Attraction
Elkeles, Simone | Wild Cards
Elliot, Kelly | Faithful
Escalera, Diane | Still Hot For You
Espino, Stacey | Cowboy Domination {Additional Review}

Feehan, Christine | Dark Peril
Feehan, Christine | Dark Predator
Feehan, Christine | Ruthless Game
Feehan, Christine | Street Game
Flynn, Joyee | Here Kitty Kitty {Additional Review}
Foster, Lori | Bare It All
Foster, Lori | Dash of Peril
Foster, Lori | Getting Rowdy
Foster, Lori | The Guy Next Door {Ready, Set Jett}
Foster, Lori | A Perfect Storm
Foster, Lori | Run the Risk
Foster, Lori | Savor the Danger
Foster, Lori | Trace of Fever
Foster, Lori | When You Dare
Fox, Addison | Baby It's Cold Outside

Gaines, Alice | Storm Bound
Garey, Terri | Devil Without a Cause
Garwood, Julie | Hotshot
Garwood, Julie | The Ideal Man
Garwood, Julie | Sweet Talk
Gibson, Rachel | Any Man of Mine
Gibson, Rachel | Not Another Bad Date
Gibson, Rachel | Run to You
Gibson, Rachel | Tangled Up in You
Gideon, Nancy | Captured by Moonlight
Gideon, Nancy | Hunter of Shadows
Glenn, Stormy | Just a Taste of Me
Glines, Abbi | Because of Low
Glines; Abbi | Fallen Too Far
Glines, Abbi | Never Too Far
Graves, Jane | Black Ties and Lullabies
Graves, Jane | Heartstrings and Diamond Rings
Griffin, Laura | Unforgivable
Guterson, Mary | Gone to the Dogs

Harner, Laura | Rescued
Harner, Laura | Whiteout
Harper, Molly | How To Flirt With a Naked Werewolf
Harris, E. Lynn | Invisible Life
Haynes, Jasmine | Kinky Neighbors
Higgins, Kristan | All I Ever Wanted
Higgins, Kristan | The Best Man
Higgins, Kristan | My One and Only
Higgins, Kristan | The Perfect Match
Higgins, Kristan | Somebody to Love
Higgins, Kristan | Too Good To Be True
Higgins, Kristan | Until There Was You
Higgins, Kristan | Waiting on You
Hilaire, Tes | Deliver Me From Darkness
Hilderbrand, Elin | The Island
Hilderbrand, Elin | Silver Girl
Hodkin, Michelle | The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Holt, Desiree | Slapping Leather
Howard, Linda | Open Season
Howard, Linda | Prey
Howard, Linda | Veil of Night

Ione, Larissa | Desire Unchained
Ione, Larissa | Pleasure Unbound

Jacobs, Ann | Out of Bounds
Jacobs, Ann | Unexpected Control
James, Lorelei | Branded As Trouble
James, Lorelei | Chasin Eight
James, Lorelei | Slow Ride
James, Lorelei | Strong, Silent Type
Jones, Linda Winstead | The Heart of Winter {Resolution}
Jones, Lisa Renee | The Danger That is Damion
Jones, Lisa Renee | The Legend of Michael
Jones, Lisa Renee | The Storm That is Sterling
Jordan, Sophie | Foreplay
Julian, Stephanie | Goddess in the Middle
Julian, Stephanie | What a Goddess Wants

Kane, Samantha | Love Under Siege
Kane, Samantha | Love's Strategy
Kantor, Melissa | The Darlings in Love
Kate, Lauren | Fallen
Keaton, Anna Leigh | Falke's Peak
Kenneally, Miranda | Catching Jordan
Kennedy, Joanne | Cowboy Fever
Kennedy, Joanne | Tall, Dark and Cowboy
Keplinger, Kody | The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Keplinger, Kody | A Midsummer's Nightmare
Keplinger, Kody | Shut Out
Kersten, Shayla | Hidden Hands
King, Samantha Ann | Sharing Hailey
Kleypas, Lisa | Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Kleypas, Lisa | Rainshadow Road
Krentz, Jayne Ann | Copper Beach
Krentz, Jayne Ann | In Too Deep

Lane, Katie | Going Cowboy Crazy
Lane, Katie | Small Town Christmas {O Little Town of Bramble}
Lane, Prescott | Perfectly Broken
Lang, Chloe | Playing the Field {Additional Review}
Lauren, Christina | Beautiful Bastard
Laybourne, Emmy | Monument 14
Layle, Madison | Falke's Peak
LaZebnik, Claire | Epic Fail
Leclaire, Day | The Heart of Winter {Mystery Lover}
Lee, Jessica | All She Wants 4 Christmas {Additional Review}
Leigh, Lora | Lawe's Justice
Linz, Cathie | Mad, Bad, and Blonde
Lyons, Larissa | My Two-Stud Stand
Lyons, Larissa | Restrain Me
Lyons, Larissa | Sex and Solar Flares
Lyons, Larissa | Tied Between Two Lovers
Lynne, Carol | Firehouse Heat
Lynne, Carol | I Love Rock N Roll
Lynne, Carol | Incoming Freshman
Lynne, Carol | Making the Grade
Lynne, Carol | Neil's Guardian Angel
Lynne, Carol | Pocket Pair
Lynne, Carol | Scarred
Lynne, Carol | Seducing the Sheik
Lynne, Carol | Taming Black Dog Four

Macomber, Debbie | A Turn in the Road
Mallery, Susan | Almost Perfect
Mallery, Susan | Already Home
Mallery, Susan | Chasing Perfect
Mallery, Susan | Finding Perfect
Mallery, Susan | Only Mine
Mallery, Susan | Only Yours
Mann, Catherine | Hot Zone
Marton, Dana | The Spy Who Saved Christmas
McCarthy, Erin | The Chase
McCarthy, Erin | Flat-Out Sexy
McCarthy, Erin | Hot Finish
McCarty, Sarah | Running Wild
McCarty, Sarah | Tracker's Sin
McCray, Cheyenne | Silk & Spurs
McLane, LuAnn | A Lot Less Talk and a Lot More Action
Me, Tara Sue | The Submissive
Medeiros, Teresa | Goodnight Tweetheart
Meredith, Christina | Kiss Crush Collide
Michaels, Lexi | Time For a Fresh One
Miller, Linda Lael | Big Sky Country
Miller, Linda Lael | Big Sky Mountain
Miller, Linda Lael | Big Sky Summer
Miller, Linda Lael | Big Sky Wedding
Miller, Linda Lael | A Creed in Stone Creek
Miller, Linda Lael | The Creed Legacy
Miller, Linda Lael | Creed's Honor
Miller, Linda Lael | A Lawman's Christmas
Miller, Linda Lael | McKettricks of Texas: Austin
Miller, Linda Lael | McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
Moore, Laura | Believe in Me
Moore, Laura | Night Swimming
Moore, Laura | Remember Me
Morsi, Pamela | Love Overdue
Murray, Jeanette | The Officer Breaks the Rules
Murray, Jeanette | The Officer Says, "I Do"
Murray, Jeanette | The Officer and the Secret
Mykles, Jet | Faith
Mykles, Jet | Squire
Myles, Jill | My Fair Succubi

Neggers, Carla | Secrets of the Lost Summer
Nelson, Jenny | Georgia's Kitchen
North, Cara | One Hot Momma
Novak, Brenda | Come Home to Me
Novak, Brenda | Home to Whiskey Creek
Novak, Brenda | Take Me Home for Christmas

Oak, Sophie | Playing the Field {Additional Review}
Oak, Sophie | Three to Ride
Oak, Sophie | Two to Love

Palmer, Diana | Merciless
Patterson, James | Sail
Perkins, Stephanie | Anna and the French Kiss
Perkins, Stephanie | Lola and the Boy Next Door
Porter, Jane | She's Gone Country
Probst, Jennifer | Searching for Perfect
Probst, Jennifer | Searching for Someday
Proby, Kristen | Loving Cara


Ramsay, Hope | Home at Last Chance
Ramsay, Hope | Small Town Christmas {I'll Be Home for Christmas}
Reece, Christy | No Chance
Riley, Bella | Home Sweet Home
Riley, Bella | With This Kiss
Roberts, Nora | Ever After
Roberts, Nora | Happy Ever After
Roberts, Nora | Savor the Moment
Roberts, Sheila | Better Than Chocolate
Ruti, Mari | The Case for Falling in Love
Ryan, Kendall | Resisting Her

Saint James, Elle | Mail Order Bride For Two
Saint James, Elle | Unbridled and Unbroken {Additional Review}
Saint James, Elle | Unbridled and Undone {Additional Review}
Scott, Elizabeth | Something, Maybe
Shalvis, Jill | Head Over Heels
Shalvis, Jill | Simply Irresistible
Shalvis, Jill | Small Town Christmas {Kissing Santa Claus}
Shalvis, Jill | The Sweetest Thing
Shayne, Maggie | The Heart of Winter {The Toughest Girl in Town}
Shepherd, Kandy | Home Is Where the Bark Is
Shepherd, Kandy | Love is a Four-Legged Word
Showalter, Gena | Black and Blue
Showalter, Gena | The Darkest Passion
Sinclair, Cherise | Club Shadowlands
Smith, Jennifer E. | The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Smith, Jennifer E. | This is What Happy Looks Like
Soarde, Nikki | Package Deal
Sorensen, Jessica | The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden
Sorensen, Jessica | The Redemption of Callie & Kayden
Sparks, Kerrelyn | Eat Prey Love
Spear, Terry | Heart of the Highland Wolf
Spear, Terry | Savage Hunger
Suzuma, Tabitha | Forbidden

Terry, Kimberly Kaye | Scream My Name
Thomas, Jodi | Texas Rain
Thompson, Vicki Lewis | Cowboy Up
Tregay, Sarah | Love and Leftovers



Whitaker, Alecia | The Queen of Kentucky
Wilde, Lori | The Cowboy Takes a Bride
Wolff, Tracy | A Christmas Wedding
Wood, Abby | Consent to the Cowboy
Woods, Sherryl | Honeysuckle Summer
Woods, Sherryl | Sweet Tea at Sunrise



Zanetti, Rebecca | Forgotten Sins
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