Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3)

Publish Date: July 29, 2014
Mass Market Paperback {p.528}
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Colorado Mountain #3
Source: Publisher
Lexie Berry, Ty Walker
Ty Walker was wrongly imprisoned and for the five years he was inside, he honed his plan so when he gets out, he has nothing but vengeance on his mind.

But then he walks straight to stylish, leggy, beautiful, goofy Lexie Berry and he suddenly has something else to think about. He knows within seconds he wants her and within days he can love her but with the filth that was flung at him clinging; he also knows he can’t have her.

Since birth, Lexie Berry has been Lady Luck’s favorite toy and because of that, Lexie is cautious. But within a day, she senses Ty is something special. With her luck, however, she can’t trust it. Then she finds out what was done to Ty and she’s willing to do anything to make it right.

Even what Ty will never forgive her for doing.

Ty clings to vengeance and Lexie goes all out to give him back the time he lost. But Ty is battling demons within and they’re up against dirty cops and criminals who will stop at nothing to sway Lady Luck against them. All Ty and Lexie have is hope Lady Luck will finally swing their way.
Overall this was a great read, but it was not without its flaws. The story-line kept me engaged because I wanted to know how it was all going to turn out. This small town in Colorado seemed to have a hate on for people with "color in them."

The constant vulgar way in which the male lead, Ty, and his friends referred to women grated on my nerves. I never understood why the female lead, Lexie, never seemed bother by this. Never once did she bat an eye at the terminology he continued to use whenever speaking about a woman.

The slang and run-on sentences tended to be a bit confusing. More than once I had to stop and slowly reread sentences out loud in an effort to make heads or tails of them. I know a lot of the horrible grammar was supposed to reflect how their usage of slang, but after a point it begins to be a bit too much. For the life of me, I cannot think of one person who talks like they did. It moved past the point of them using slang to the point of them appearing uneducated.

Other than that, I liked the characters. I became invested in their lives and the community. It's a series I hope to continue, but it does take some getting used to in regards to trying to muddle through all the slang.


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