Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: In Your Corner by Sarah Castille

In Your Corner (Redemption, #2)
Publish Date: July 1, 2014
Trade Paperback {p.295}
Genre: Erotica
Series: Redemption #2
Source: Publist
Amanda Westwood, Jake Donovan
He rules in the ring

Two years ago, Jake and Amanda were going hot and heavy. But when Jake wanted more, Amanda walked away. Jake immersed himself in mixed martial arts, living life on the edge. But that didn't dull the pain of Amanda's rejection-until a chance encounter throws them together.

A high-powered lawyer, Amanda was a no-strings-attached kind of girl. But two years after her breakup with Jake, she still hasn't found anyone who gets her heart pumping the way he did. And then he shows up in her boardroom, hot as sin and needing help...

But can he rule her heart?

Jake is darker, sexier, and impossible to resist. As their chemistry builds, Amanda's not sure if she can stay in control, or if she's finally willing to let him claim her body and soul.

Jake and Amanda didn't seem to have much chemistry going for them other than sexual. There just seemed to be a lot of back and forth between these two, to the point that I just gave up caring one way or the other. After their breakup two years prior, Jake hasn't gotten over her and she claims she hasn't gotten over him. You could never tell this by the way the act.

Jake was constantly jealous and Amanda kept doing stupid things to tick him off. I felt both characters had some growing to do. Without the help of the secondary characters, this book may have rated lower with me. Although, Amanda's parents were downright horrible.

Of course these two seemed to work out their drama just in time for their HEA.


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