Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Whiteout & Rescued by Laura Harner

Whiteout (Three's Allowed, #1)

The immediate sex had by these three I didn't find very believable. There didn't seem to be any working up to it. They'd had a crush on Christina for years and then all of sudden they finally work up the nerve to act during a snowstorm?

The whole rapid progression of Cade and Carter's feelings for one another was also unrealistic. I'm not sure if I overlooked what finally got them to act on their feelings or if the author never addressed it. Either why, it was way too quickly. I didn't feel the chemistry or any kind of connection with these three.

Rescued (Three's Allowed, #2)
I really enjoyed this one from the start. The chemistry between the three of them was immediately felt. The overall story was deeper than sex just for the sake of sex, which is always a plus. I only wish the story was longer so that it would have allowed for their relationship to fully develop.

I did think that Elizabeth seemed to get of her abuse rather quickly, which threw some wrenches into the overall believability of the story. Other than that, this is a good read for those looking for a bi-ménage.


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