Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: The Officer Breaks the Rules by Jeanette Murray

Publish Date: January 8, 2013
Mass Market Paperback {p. 336}
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Semper Fi #2
Source: Publisher
Madison O'Shay, Jeremy Phillips

Captain Jeremy Phillips believes in doing his duty...both as a son and as a friend. This means that he should obey the "friend code" and stay away from his best friend's little sister. Too bad Madison O'Shay doesn't believe in his code and is ready to break all of the rules As a Navy nurse, Madison is finally stationed next to the man she's been dreaming about for years. And she's ready to launch a full-scale attack to show this thoughtful, handsome Marine that they belong together.

Jeremy and Madison continued to dance around each other from the previous book in the series. Jeremy's reasons for not wanting to give into the temptation of being with Madison were a bit weak. I spent most of my time wanting him to man up and start living his life for himself.

Madison was one of those characters that was likeable but didn't stand out that much. Her BFF Matthew on the other hand stole the show. He and Skye's cousin Veronica were the two characters that left me wanting to know more about them.

Jeremy and Madison did bring a lot to the table when they did manage to get together. When Madison's brother and Jeremy's BFF, Tim learned of their relationship that's when the fun really began.

Another good addition to the series, that has me looking forward to Veronica and Dwayne's story.


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