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Review: Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan

Fury of Fire
Coreene Callahan
Series: Dragonfury #1
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publish Date: February 7, 2012
Audio Book {12hrs}
Source: Public Library
Genre: Paranormal
Myst Munroe, Bastian
Challenge: 100+
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Commander of the Nightfury dragons, BASTIAN leads by example and expects his warriors to follow Dragonkind's code. Honor is everything, duty no option, but when both dictate he be the first to take a mate and sire a son, Bastian falters. For the woman given into his care is most the extraordinary he's ever met and even as she steals his heart, he knows birthing his child will take her life.

Nurse practitioner, MYST MUNROE puts herself on the line everyday, pushing past the limits of endurance to bring medical expertise to her patients when they cannot come to her. When a late night home visit turns deadly, she lands in the middle of a battle between two warring factions, dragon-shifters living in secret among humankind. Taken to the Nightfury's lair, she must decide: return to the life she loves or risk everything to stay with the dragon-shifter who holds her heart.IVAR, leader of the Razorbacks, hates humankind and the band of warrior dragons who protect them. To break the spell that ties Dragonkind's fate to that of the humans, every Nightfury must die. When the last one falls, he will have what he needs to wipe the planet clean of an inferior race, and once again be free to roam the earth in dragon form.
This was a surprisingly good read. I had not previously read anything from this author, but the premise drew me in. The idea of shape-shifting dragons is a new one for me so I had to give this a read.

Myst and Bastian meet under some strange circumstances that make her ability to go home no longer an option. Bastian is immediately attracted to her and it turns out that she is his mate. The woman who will bear his child and save the dragon-shifter race. There are a few catches that come along with that responsibilty that Bastian fells to share with Myst beforehand. That fact does eventually cause trouble in their relationship, which is completely understandable.

The fact that he kept that information from her was a little hard to get past even knowing that her truly does love her. Their story also just seemed to end with no real resolution or wrap up to their relationship.

I'm hoping that the next installment in the series will carve out some space to devote to wrapping up Bastain and Myst's relationship. The book ends with you having to read the next one if you want to know what happens next with them. For that reason alone I don't image the books in this series being read as stand-alones. So to get answered to all your unanswered guestions you'll have to pick up Fury of Ice.
Read by Benjamin L. Darcie
Duration: 12 hours and 7 minutes
Brilliance Audio

Narration: B

The narration was average; nothing spectacular. The narrators voice didn't add anything to the overall story, but it didn't distract from it either.
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