Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Time For a Fresh One by Lexi Michaels

Time For a Fresh One
Lexi Michaels
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publish Date: November 23, 2011
Trade Paperback {p.196}
Source: Publicist
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Challenge: 100+
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Kristen realizes that her days of juggling kids, work, and coffee are becoming lonely. She begins her journey into dating all the wrong guys while searching for her perfect blend. Kristen starts searching at the spa, gym, and bars to find the one. Her life is filled with lust while dating Mr. Not So Right. There are fun dinners and trips with endless dates, including a Rusty Knight, until finally she finds her perfect blend.
The story moved at such a fast, clipped pace that by the end I didn't know the characters any better than I did at page one. It felt like I was being told this story, but not really experiencing it with the characters.

As far as the characters go, none of them really stood out to me except Kristen's friend Jena. I'm not really sure if Jena was someone to consider a friend, but all the same she was the only memorable character when it was all said and done.

Kristen's Mr. Right was too good to be true. So much so that I didn't buy into him at all. No flaws, not one. I couldn't get past that aspect of him, and totally wrote him off. Plus the fact that while he was away taking care of his ailing mother, Kristen continued to date because she was "lonely" and he encouraged it. I think this was the point at which I could no longer continue forward with this book.

I had such great hopes for this book from reading the blurb, but it fell a bit short. I am glad that Kristen's situation with her stalker was all squared away and she managed to find her happy ever after, but I just lost interest in the overall story.
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