Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: One Hot Momma by Cara North

One Hot Momma
Cara North
Series: Country Music Collection #3
Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC
Publish Date: November 2, 2009
Kindle {p.192}
Source: Kindle Loan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Layla, Rafe Johnson
Challenge: 100+
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Rafe decides that it is time to make his move on Layla. Layla adores the man, but she has secrets too dark and too risky to let herself fall for him.

For a man who knows everything about women, he doesn't know anything about Layla and to earn her trust he has to do more than win over her children.
Layla feels Rafe is more in love with her children than her, so she refuses his marriage proposal. It did feel a little like Jerry Mcguire in that regard. When Jan, Rafe’s sister, asks him to answer a few questions about Layla and he couldn’t answer one correctly, it became glaringly obvious that he is in it for the kids.

Rafe not really knowing her, kind of put me off to him. I did warm up to him by the end, but not like I did his two brothers in their books.
Layla was not what I was expecting. Her secret wasn’t at all on my radar of what she could possibly be hiding. I ended up liking her a bit more than Rafe.

The end left me hanging with the quessing of what could be going on with his sister Jan.
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Rita Webb said...[Reply]

This books sounds really cute. I think him being "in it for the kids" might make an interesting twist if he ends up falling for her for real.

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