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Review: The Guy Next Door by Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, Victoria Dahl

The Guy Next Door
Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, Victoria Dahl
Series: Men Who Walk the Edge of Danger #0.5; Donovan Brothers Brewery #0.5
Publisher: HQN
Publish Date: February 9, 2011
Mass Market Paperback {p.378}
Source: Personal Library
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Natalie Alexander, Jett Sutter; Gail Chapman, Jesse Batista; Beth Cantrell, Eric Donovan
Challenge: 50 States
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Ready, Set, Jett by Lori Foster

A vacation from her no-strings romance with her sexy next-door neighbor. That's what Natalie Alexander needs to get her head—and heart—together. But her solo trip south turns into a disaster when gorgeous Jett Sutter turns up with another challenge.

Gail's Gone Wild by Susan Donovan

Single mom Gail Chapman insists on chaperoning her teenage daughter's spring-break trip to Key West. But she never expects to face temptation—in the hunky form of Jesse Batista, the mysterious man in the cottage next door.

Just One Taste by Victoria Dahl

All-work-and-no-play businessman Eric Donovan won't be distracted by a "businesswoman" who's all wrong for him. Beth Cantrell owns a women's erotica shop! And she has a juicy little secret. Can she tempt him to put pleasure before business for once?
Ready, Set Jett by Lori Foster
Natalie and Jett’s relationship was already semi-established in the fact that they had a no-strings attached type of set up from the beginning. Natalie, who had been burned by past relationships, didn’t want to chance getting emotionally involved with Jett. Jett, who is usually all for sex with no commitment, doesn’t want that type of relationship with Natalie.

The two of them go on vacation together and go through an almost ordeal that finally gets them to admit their true feelings for one another. Although this is a short novella, both characters had a depth and believability about them that made their story come alive.

Gail’s Gone Wild by Susan Donovan
Gail’s vacation romance with the hottie author Jesse was hot from the start. They made such a cute, likeable couple. Of course both of them suffer from some trust issues that pose roadblocks for their relationship. But even with those trust issues they both fell in love with each other rather quickly.

Gail’s Gone Wild was a sexy, funny read. The characters and the location were very well written. I really enjoyed all of these characters, not just Gail and Jesse. This novella I was so engrossed in, I wasn’t ready for their story to end.

Just One Taste by Victoria Dahl
I didn’t care at all for the whole misleading of Beth by Eric in letting her believe he was his younger brother Jamie. When Eric wasn’t quick to clear that issue up, he lost points with me.

Beth’s refusal to be seen in public with Eric/Jamie because he’d ruin her reputation, I thought was a little much given she runs a sex shop. Not my favorite of the anthology.
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