Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Her Dakota Men by Leah Brooke

Her Dakota Men
Leah Brooke
Series: Dakota Heat #1
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Published: December 29, 2008
Kindle {p.73}
Source: Personal Library
Genre: Erotica, Menage
Stacy Daniels, Wolfe, Travis, Cash Dakota
Challenge: 100+
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Stacy Daniels left the ranch she loved so much years ago. Not being able to cope with her abusive father, she'd stayed away as much as possible. Infrequent visits to the ranch to visit those she loved caused her heartache, but she couldn't stay away.

Wolfe, Travis and Cash Dakota, the foreman's three sons, lived and worked on the ranch and she'd loved them forever. Realizing the futility of loving all three, she carefully kept her love for them hidden as guilt consumed her.

She wanted more than anything to stay on the ranch she loves so much with the only real family she's ever known. But if she gives in, loving all three of them the way she does, she'll ruin everything.

Not wanting to cause anyone pain, she has no choice but to flee.

Wolfe, Travis and Cash Dakota have other plans for her and won't let her go. They've waited for years to be Her Dakota Men.
I’m not sure if it’s due to the length of this story or not, but I didn’t feel like any of these characters had any depth. Stacy is torn because she’s in love with all three brothers and has slept with all three on separate occasions. And they’re just suppose to live happily ever after?

By the end of the story, I wasn’t any better off than I was at page one.
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