Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Canyons of Night by Jayne Castle

Canyons of Night
Jayne Castle
Series: Looking Glass #3; Arcane #11
Publisher: Jove
Publish Date: August 30, 2011
Kindle {p.237}
Source: Public Library
Genre: Paranormal
Charlotte Enright, Slade Attridge
Challenge: 100+, Sci-Fi
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Charlotte Enright, owner of a small antiques shop called Looking Glass Antiques on Rainshadow Island, and Slade Attridge, the community's new chief of police, both have something in common: they possess strong paranormal talents.

They met several years ago when they were in their teens spending the summer on the island. Slade saved Charlotte from a gang of drunken toughs, but then at the end of the summer Slade and Charlotte went their separate ways and started their adult lives.

Now, fifteen years later, they have both been drawn back to Rainshadow Island. They will discover the adult passion they have for each other and start to explore some of the mysteries of the forbidden section of the island known only as the Preserve.
Charlotte has had a crush on Slade since the night he saved her from her attackers when she was a teen. The two of them have always had some sort of connection, but Charlotte’s talent has made it somewhat difficult for her to be in relationships. That is until Slade.

Both were the perfect match for the other. They were these quirky characters that had just the right amount of chemistry. I really liked both Slade and Charlotte from the beginning. I liked all the residents of the island.

The mystery aspect was interesting enough. I didn’t suspect the culprit at all. That person was never really on my radar.

A nice addition to the series.
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