Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Post: Maria Murnane, author of It's a Waverly Life

Please join me in welcoming Maria Murnane, author of It's a Waverly Life, as she provides us with a guest post today.

She will be discussing with her readers, "Where did you come UP with that??"

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Readers are always asking me how I come up with the funny dating disasters in my books. The answer? Real life! And it's not just my female friends and I who have suffered through bad dates; my guy friends have some crazy stories too. So I thought a guest post about dating would be fun, and for a twist, here are three good i.e. bad ones that REALLY HAPPENED to my male friends:

1) My friend Stu told me about a woman his buddy took to dinner. I believe it was the second or third date. The woman ordered her dinner TO GO and then told Stu’s friend that something had come up so she had to leave early. Yikes.

2) My friend Greg asked a girl on a second date, for dinner on a Friday. She showed up with a small suitcase, expecting to spend the weekend with him. There's really not much more to say than that. This story made me laugh so hard that I included it in It’s a Waverly Life.

3) My friend Charlie dated this woman twice, maybe three times. She blew him off and said she was getting back together with her ex. Then about three months later he forwarded me an email from her that apologized for not having been "a good friend" and that she'd been "going through a hard time." The email was clearly a cut/paste job that she probably sent to everyone she knew- so classy. Then she went on to say that she had broken up with her boyfriend (who was apparently her meal ticket), and she now wanted to go to law school, so would Charlie be willing to lend her $1500 for an LSAT class? She would pay it back of course. Then at the end of cut cut/paste email she added a personalized note that she’d still like to date Charlie if he was interested. I'm surprised she didn't paste in the wrong name.

Those are just a few in a huge stack of many. Now readers are sending me their own stories, which is wonderful! With all this fun material, God knows how many Waverly Bryson books I could write.
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