Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Their Taydelaan by Rachel Clark

Their Taydelaan
Rachel Clark
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publish Date: April 12, 2011
Source: Publisher
Genre: Sci-Fi, Menage
Characters: Jade, Mitchell, Zack
Challenge: 100+, Ebook
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How did bumping into a man in a hospital corridor develop into dreams of red-hot threesomes? Jade can't understand why she's dreaming of the man she literally bumped into three months ago, but when she actually meets the men from her dreams at her sister's party, things seem to spiral even further out of her control. Unwilling to believe her sister's explanation, Jade still can't deny the telepathic link she now shares with the two men. Zack and Mitchell have finally found their third, the woman who completes them-their Taydelaan-but she seems intent on denying their future together. Can they convince Jade that being loved doesn't mean being dependent?

Jade encounters her mates while at the hospital for the birth of her sister’s child.

Their Taydelaan is an erotic adventure of Jade, Zack, and Mitchell becoming a permenant triad. These three were having amazing sex before ever truly meeting each other.

I really enjoyed the fact that Jade questioned the whole situation and didn’t just accept what was being told to her. She didn’t automatically accept the that these people were aliens and her life partners.

Once again Ms. Clark does a great job in getting across the emotions of all the parties involved.
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