Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Baby, Drive South by Stephanie Bond

Baby, Drive South
Stephanie Bond
Series: Southern Roads #1
Publisher: Mira
Publication Date:  May 24, 2011
Mass Market Paperback {p.329}
Source: Personal Library
Genre: Contemporary
Characters: Nikki Salinger, Porter Armstrong
Challenge: 100+, Summer Romance
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The hardheaded Armstrong brothers are determined to rebuild their tornado-ravaged hometown in the Georgia mountains. They've got the means, they've got the manpower…what they need are women! So they place an ad in a northern newspaper and wait for the ladies to answer their call...

Porter, the youngest Armstrong, is all for importing women. Still, he's so blown away by the sheer numbers, he falls off the water tower. Luckily there's a doctor among the newcomers—sweet and sexy Dr. Nikki Salinger.

And Porter has every intention of checking out her bedside manner...

The Armstrong brothers are trying to rebuild their childhood hometown of Sweetness, GA. In an effort to speed things along, they have place an ad in the newspaper to recruit single women to the town with the promise of a fresh start.

Among these women is Dr. Nikki Salinger, who is what some may call a plain Jane. Nikki is trying to heal from a broken heart and is not at all interested in getting involved.

I enjoyed the storyline and the witty dialogue. The town of Sweetness seemed like a place one truly would want to be involved in the rebuilding of.

Nikki was a bit reserved but truly a good person who had taken a few bumps in life for not being the most beautiful. Where it was the total opposite for Porter. At times I didn't like him because of his comments and behavior toward Nikki. Every strike she had against her with him, involved her appearance. Because she wasn't among the most beautiful of the women that moved into town, Porter seemed to dismiss her.

The whole town of Sweetness and the additional Armstrong brothers great entertainment. I truly am invested in seeing how the town of Sweetness progresses.
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