Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Unbridled and Unbroken by Elle Saint James

Unbridled and Unbroken
Elle Saint James
Series: The Double Rider Men's Club #2
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publication Date: January 7, 2011
Kindle {p.174}
Source: Publisher
Genre: Erotica, Menage, Western
Characters: Veronica, Adam, Johnny
Challenge: 100+, Ebook

A forgotten lotto ticket and a strong dose of lust send Veronica after Johnny and into his hotel room. She's introduced to his good friend Adam and their ménage lifestyle, which further intrigues her. But Veronica has a dark secret she dares not share with Johnny or Adam. It forces her to live a lie and worse, threatens their newfound love.

Johnny and Adam consider themselves lucky to have found a woman intrigued by their ménage lifestyle. Even though they weren't looking for a partner, they've found the perfect girl for them. But Veronica is hiding something that has her running out the morning after the Double Rider Men's Club annual event. An old friend associated with their men's club is hell-bent on putting Veronica in jail.

Will Johnny and Adam be able to protect her from Zachary, or will they lose her forever?

Veronica meets Johnny while working at a local convenience store and is immediately attracted. Johnny too finds Veronica attractive, but is unsure how she’ll react to his lifestyle. Johnny has to share his women with his best friend and business partner, Adam.

Veronica decides to take a chance and goes to Johnny’s hotel room for some no-strings sex, but unbeknownst to her, Adam is in the adjoining room. When they broach the subject of a ménage to Veronica, she is a bit unsure because she doesn’t want there to be any jealously between the men. Totally understandable, and would probably be my main concern as well.

When these three do get together, they really steam up the pages. With Elle Saint James, you not only get fantastic sex, which is a given with her, but you also get a good storyline. With the back-story and mystery going on with Veronica, it’s sure to keep you entertained when she and her sexy men aren’t setting the bed on fire.

Unbridled and Unbroken is another good addition to the Double Rider Men’s Club series.
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