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Review: Tied Between Two Lovers by Larissa Lyons & Alyssa Brooks

Tied Between Two Lovers
Larissa Lyons
Alyssa Brooks
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Publication Date: March 20, 2009
Kindle {p.275}
Source: Author
Genre: Erotica
Characters: Juliana Reed, Cord Ramsey, Rio Tarin
Challenge: 100+, Ebook

A scarred bodyguard with a secret past. Slave to his guilt, Rio Tarin has spent a decade watching over Juliana from the shadows. Now he must reveal himself-or risk losing her all over again.

An ex-soldier in need of an angel. Cord Ramsey returns from war only to discover his family home sold out from under him. Rio, the current owner, proposes a deal-Cord can keep his property if he can keep one wild woman under protective custody for a few days.

The feisty reporter they both want to save. Tied up? Kidnapped? Dumped at a stranger's dumpy plantation? Rio's back from the dead five minutes and already trying to run Juli's life! But while he's playing the unwanted hero, it's her newly enlisted watchdog who's playing her body-to the tune of his. Cord's rough and ramblin' ways will tangle all three of them in an inescapable web of desire.

Juli has been living the last ten years believing her high school crush, Rio, died in a plane crash with her parents. But one night while leaving an awards ceremony, she is kidnapped by none other than Rio himself.

Rio is trying to protect Juli from drug cartel members who have placed a hit on her. So when Rio takes her to one of his properties to hide out, he is surprised to find Cord living there.

Cord and Juli form an instant friendship and attraction that Rio notices, and feels a little uneasy about. But seeing Cord and Juli together intimately also turns him on. Juli on the other hand, can’t stop thinking about Rio even during sex with Cord.

Once again the sex is smoking and always entertaining. Juli and Cord’s relationship was more fun-loving, like two best friends falling in love. Her relationship with Rio however didn’t feel so carefree. There was years of regret and longing between those two plus Rio’s issues with his appearance.

I did tend to feel bad for Cord about Juli having sex with him while calling out Rio’s name. But Cord didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so I guess I shouldn’t either.
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