Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Love Drunk Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Love Drunk Cowboy
Carolyn Brown
Series: Spikes & Spurs #1
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: May 1, 2011
Mass Market Paperback {p.395}
Source: Publisher
Genre: Contemporary, Western
Characters: Austin Lanier, Rye O'Donnell
Challenge: 100+, 50 States ~ Oklahoma

All Austin Lanier wants is to sell her inherited watermelon farm, slip on her stilettos and run back to corporate America. Until the drop dead sexy cowboy next door, Rye O'Donnell, decides he'll only take the farm if he can get the fiery woman who owns it as part of the deal...

Love Drunk Cowboy, like all of Carolyn Brown's novels, is full of music references. Although it seemed, at least to me, to have a bit fewer than her Honky Tonk series. Music seems to be an integral part of all her novels, like a third lead character.

Rye is a likable enough character, but he didn't have any fire or depth to him. He was some great eye candy, but not much else. He's instantly smitten with Austin, but there didn't seem to be an reasoning behind it other than her looks. As a reader, I didn't feel that I got to know Rye outside of his interaction with Austin. We got to see Austin interact with the people of the community, her seasonal workers, Rye's sister, but I didn't see much of Rye unless he was with Austin.

Austin is this career driven woman who comes back to Terral only to lose her "big city savvy" and turns instantly into a small-town hick. That whole aspect of instantly taking a liking to all things country didn't come across as believable. She fit right in with no sort of hiccups or setbacks, not very likely.

The overall romance between these two was very lukewarm. There wasn't any sparks flying in this read, but it was a rather amusing when it came to Terrals' blue-haired set.
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