Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Texas Rain by Jodi Thomas

Texas Rain
Jodi Thomas {Facebook | MyspaceTwitter}
Series: Whispering Mountain #1
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: November 7, 2006
Audio Book {13 hrs}
Source: Public Library
Genre: Historical, Western
Characters: Rainey Adams, Travis McMurray
Challenge: 100+, Whisper Stories

The first time Rainey Adams meets Texas Ranger Travis McMurray, she steals a kiss-and then his horse. Now Travis is determined to track down this intriguing woman and bring her back to the Whispering Mountain Ranch as his bride. But this renegade may be too much for even the toughest Ranger to handle.

Rainey and Travis share a kiss before she steals his horse. She then later shows up later at his home pretending to be a boy while Travis is recovering from a gunshot wound. And once again, she steals another of his horses.

The two then begin a pen pal type of relationship, revealing things about one another that they could never reveal face-to-face. And when one of her letters suggests she may be in danger when she overhears a murder plot, Travis sets out to Austin to save her.

The storyline was a bit bland to me. I didn’t feel anything real between Travis and Rainey. The story outside of their relationship tended to be a bit more interesting than their romance. They were both likeable characters, but their love didn’t come across as believable. They were okay characters apart, but lacked chemistry together.

Read by Linda Stephens
Duration: 13 hours
Recorded Books

The narration was okay. I’d give it a C.


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