Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Easy by Ally Blue

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Publisher: Loose Id
Publication Date: April 20, 2008
Genre: LGBT
Characters: Stevie Sanger, Dan
Challenge: 100+, 50 States ~ North Carolina

Dan get is a man with a secret. Stevie Sanger is fighting a past that won't leave him alone. They want each other from the moment they meet, and that attraction quickly blossoms into something deeper, something that could become permanent. But first, they need to overcome all the obstacles in their way. Dan's fear of his own nature, Stevie's belief that he's not good enough for Dan. The unresolved pieces of Stevie's past. Building the relationship they both want may be a challenge too big for either of them. But nothing worth having is ever easy.

Dan rescues Stevie after he’s been beaten by one of his johns. At this point I could tell how the rest of the story would unfold. Stevie constantly in need of a savior.

Dan immediately moves Stevie into his home and struggles to fight his growing feelings for him. He doesn’t have any problems or concerns about Stevie’s sorrid past, but is worried about what his friends and coworkers would think of him if they knew of his sexual orientation.

Stevie knows Dan has feelings for him but instead of waiting for him to figure out if he’s going to act on them he gets involved with someone else. This new guy that he gets involved with is controlling and very much like Stevie’s johns.

Stevie and Dan, when they were on the same accord, where a cute couple. Dan was a bit more likeable than Stevie, because Stevie seemed to always be in need of saving. Stevie doesn’t have much depth to him either. The story was well written but the characters were lacking. I intend to give this author another try.
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