Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: Scarred by Carol Lynne

Carol Lynne
Series: Cattle Valley #18
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Publication Date: August 9, 2010
Source: Personal Library
Genre: LGBT
Characters: Zac Alben, Jakob Cox
Challenge: 50 States, 100+
My Rating:

Zac Alben loved his life in Cattle Valley until he made the ultimate mistake and introduced his partner in life, Terry, to his on-the-job partner, Jakob. He hoped the two men would hit it off, but he had no idea the meeting would forever change his life.

Scarred and broken, Zac shows the facade of a man on the mend. He returns to work, joins the community in celebrating Cattle Valley Days and wakes nightly in a cold sweat.

Pushed away at every turn, Jakob Cox still doesn’t know what happened the night Zac nearly lost his life. Despite Zac’s cold shoulder, Jakob takes it upon himself to drag the man he loves back into the land of the living.
Zac is healing from a horrible accident that has left him disfigured. Not only that, but he blames the man he is in love with, Jakob, for what happened to him. Even though he blames Jakob he's still in love with him and cannot stop thinking of him.

The two of them eventually find their way back to each other and make a go of the relationship. They had a rocky beginning because at the time Zac was already in a relationship and Jakob was a third they occasionally invited into their bedroom.

The story of these two was an emotional journey. With Zac being diagnosed as bipolar and Jakob trying to fine that balance to let Zac function and not constantly worrying about him harming himself. But Carol seemed to make it work without losing any of the steam.


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