Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: Consent to the Cowboy by Abby Wood

Consent to the Cowboy
Abby Wood {Facebook | Twitter}
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: May 26, 2010
Source: Publisher/NetGalley
Genre: Erotica, Western
Characters: Daphne Norris, Will Hanson
Challenge: 100+, Ebook
My Rating:

Surrounded by beer-swilling, skirt-chasing cowboys her whole life, barmaid Daphne Norris has no intention of ever settling for any of the men in her Podunk hometown. So when bronc rider Will Hanson sends shock waves to her core with just one glance from his striking green eyes, no one is more surprised than her.

But Will is no ordinary cowboy, and he can see that Daphne is no ordinary small-town girl. He can sense in Daphne the quiet strength and devotion needed to satisfy a man like him, a man who needs to be on top, in every aspect of his life.

Daphne hasn't ever succumbed to her submissive desires before, and Will awakens her in ways she never imagined. While she's not prepared to give him her heart, she agrees to Will's offer of three days of intense pleasure, and then she's walking. But Daphne falls hard and fast, and now she has a decision: return to a normal life, or give up everything for Will...

Daphne has been living her life by turning down any and all advances from the cowboys that frequent the bar where she works. After her cowboy father abandoned her and her dying mother, she wants nothing to with cowboys. That is until Will Hanson enters the picture.

Will is not your average cowboy, but he has his mind set on Daphne and the aims to have her. Will is a Dom looking for his perfect sub to take care of, and feels that sub is Daphne.

I enjoyed the relationship between these two, but I did have a problem with Daphne constantly running away when she had a problem. I thought the whole D/s relationship was built on a foundation of trust and communication, but that never seemed to be the case with Daphne. All her trust and communication only seemed to take place with their sexual encounters.

Will constantly had to chase her down and talk her back into the relationship. Once they got past all that they were actually pretty good together.


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