Monday, February 7, 2011

Musical Monday {2}: Sex On Fire

So what's Musical Monday? It's a weekly meme hosted by Tipsy Reader. With this meme, you pick the book you are currently reading, or just finished, and match it with it's musical mate. Think, "if this book had a soundtrack, what would be the theme song?"

The Book:
Restrain Me by Alyssa Brooks & Larissa Lyons

The Song:

Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon

+ show lyrics

The Reason:
I chose this song because in the book, the lead female, Sommer, lets her cowboy lover, Boaz, brand her bottom with his ranch's logo. So, Sex On Fire seemed only fitting. My alternative choice would have been Sign Your Name Across My Heart, since that is pretty much what Boaz did, only with her bottom.


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