Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Just a Taste of Me by Stormy Glenn

Just a Taste of Me
Stormy Glenn {Blog | Facebook | Myspace | Twitter}
Series: Wolf Creek Pack
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publication Date: July 1, 2009
Genre: LGBT, Paranormal
Characters: Quilliam Reece, Keeley
Challenge: 100+, Ebook, M/M
My Rating:

Reece knows Keeley is his mate the moment he meets him. But Keeley is not only human, he's a man.

Alpha of his own pack for just three months, having a man for a mate is a headache Reece doesn't need. But not claiming his mate is not an option. However, Keeley is unlike any man he has ever met, from the top of his gorgeous honey blond hair to the bottom of his fire engine red painted toenails, Keeley is hot!

Reece becomes even more enchanted with his new mate when Keeley loses his temper with Reece and hits him with a cookie sheet. Just when Reece accepts being mated to a man and starts to care for him, Keeley is attacked and nearly dies. Reece discovers a plot that involves more than just the death of his mate, but also his entire pack.

Can Reece save Keeley and his pack, or will he have to choose between them?

Reece is the Alpha of his pack, so image his surprise to realize his mate is Keeley, a petite little man. Reece has been living his life up to this point as a straight man, so he doesn’t understand why he is fated to be with a man.

So when Keeley comes into the bar that Reece happens to be, he can’t seem to take his eyes off of him. And when trouble follows Keeley into the restroom, Reece follows to protect his future mate.

The whole mating process, Keeley easily complies with, letting Reece bite him as well as drinking his blood in return. No questions asked. And at this point neither of them knows the others name.

The two of them feel their way around each other in this relationship. Reece having never been with a man before, is untrained in the aspects of lovemaking with a man and has to rely on Keeley to show him the ropes. Keeley on the other hand is constantly getting upset and offended by everything Reece says or does, which leads to a lot of time in which Keeley spent sulking.

The two finally get it together and make a rather enjoyable read. The secondary characters prove to be of great interest as well.


Natazzz said...[Reply]

Wow, this is definitely a different kind of books than most of the reviews I've been reading. Not sure it would appeal to me, although I am curious what you actually thought of it. Was it any good? Or was it as bad as the plot sounds?

Tasha said...[Reply]

It was okay; about a 2.5. I've read this author before, but this one wasn't one of my favorites by her.

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