Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash by Dixie Cash

Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash
Dixie Cash {Myspace}
Series: Domestic Equalizers #1
Publisher: Avon
Published: August 12, 2004
Format: Audio Book
Source: Public Library
Genre: Contemporary
Characters: Debbie Sue Overstreet, Edwina Perkins, Buddy Overstreet
My Rating:

Heat Level: 2/5
The strongest, sexiest, and sassiest debut contemporary romance we've seen since Rachel Gibson! The quality of Dixie's writing combined with the pure romance of the story guarantees that Avon Romance has just acquired a new star.

Debbie Sue Overstreet is still the best–looking gal in Saltlick, TX–and her ex–husband Buddy is still the best–looking sheriff. Thanks to a thriving gossip mill (also known as Debbie's hair salon), there isn't a thing in Saltlick that she doesn't know about before anyone else. That is, until somebody offs snooty Pearl Ann Carruthers. With Buddy on the case, the woman who has to know everything is stumped by not just one, but two questions: first, who killed Pearl Ann and why, and second, how on earth did she ever let Buddy Overstreet get away? Lucky for Saltlick and Buddy both, she means to find out the answers, no matter what it takes!
Debbie Sue and Edwina are two best friend that run a beauty shop out in Saltlick, Texas. Sheriff Buddy Overstreet is Debbie Sue's ex-husband whom she's still very much in love with. So when Debbie Sue's best customer, or should I say richest, is found murdered, she and Edwina set out to find the culprit. This putting Buddy right back in the middle of her life.

I really truly enjoyed all of the characters in this book. Every one of them seemed to have their own unique personalities that made it seem to come to life. There was a lot of dry wit that keeps you laughing and very strange Southern sayings. I thought with my being from Texas, I would have heard a lot more of them.

I listened to the audio book version and the narrator took some getting used to, with her doing an over the top Texas accent. But once I did, I loved it. I had never read Dixie Cash before this book, and what drew me to it was the comments that if you enjoyed Mary Kay Andrews you would love Dixie Cash. And I did. I will definitely be continuing the Domestic Equalizers series.


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