Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: Sail by James Patterson

James Patterson
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Published: June 9, 2008
Format: Audio Book
Source: Public Library
Genre: Suspense
Characters: Katherine Dunne, Carrie Dunne, Mark Dunne, Ernie Dunne
My Rating:

Heat Level: N/A
Barely out of sight of land, the Dunne family finds its summer getaway to paradise already turning into the trip from hell. Carrie, the eldest, has thrown herself off the side of the boat in a bid for attention. Sixteen-year-old Mark is getting high below decks. And Ernie, their ten-year-old brother. is nearly catatonic. It's shaping up to be the worst vacation ever." "Katherine Dunne had hoped this trip would bring back the togetherness they'd lost when her husband died four years earlier. Maybe if her new husband, a high-powered Manhattan attorney. had been able to postpone his trial and join them it would all have been okay." Suddenly, a disaster hits - and it's perfect. Faced with real danger, the Dunne's rediscover the meaning of family and pull together in a way they haven't in a long time. But this catastrophe is just a tiny taste of the danger that lurks ahead: someone wants to make sure that the Dunne family never makes it out of paradise alive.

Katherine Dunne feels like her family has fallen apart since the death of her late husband. She has remarried, to Peter Carlyle, a hot-shot attorney, and moved on, but her kids have not. So Katherine decides that what she and the kids need is a family vacation together out at sea. With the help of her former brother-in-law, Jake Dunne, the family sets sail.

Any and everything that could possibly go wrong on this trip, does indeed go wrong. From the start of the trip, there is an attempted suicide and a perfect storm. And that's not the half of it.

What the Dunne's don't know is, that someone wants them dead. And they won't stop until they are.

Sail, moves at a fast, no nonsense pace, typical of Patterson. From the start it's action-packed and doesn't let up. It contains twists and turns that you don't see coming, and some that you do.

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