Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Firehouse Heat by Carol Lynne

Firehouse Heat
Carol Lynne
Series: Cattle Valley, #16
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Published: April 12, 2010
Format: Kindle
Source: Personal Library
Genre: LGBT
Characters: Leo Burkowski, Sammy Lee
My Rating:

Heat Level: 4/5
Despite the eighteen year age difference, Sammy Lee wants his new boss, Assistant Fire Chief, Leo Burkowski. Living and working side by side at the firehouse several days a week is wearing on Lee's control. When Leo asks for his help with a special project, Sammy can't take it anymore and makes his move.

Although Sammy is playing for keeps, Leo refuses to think of the relationship as anything more than a passing affair. Age has been an issue in the past, and although Leo's attracted to the younger man, he's learned the hard way to keep his heart out of it.

Will the heat generated between the two men be enough to melt Leo's resolve, or will Sammy's hopes go down in a blaze of disappointment?
Leo Burkowski lifted the barbell from its stand and began to do his normal set of fifty.

Leo and Sammy are both attracted to the other, but Leo is unwilling to act on it because he's 18 years Sammy's senior. Not only is he older than Sammy, but they also have to work together. Leo starts to pull away from Sammy when he feels that Sammy is looking for more than friendship.

At first when they would make love, Leo had to have the lights out due to his body image issues. With him pushing fifty, he felt his body was inferior to his much younger lovers' and would turn Sammy off. It doesn't help matters that he found his ex-partner of 18 years cheating on him with a twink before moving to Cattle Valley.
Their relationship was a little slow starting, but once it did, it progressed nicely. They didn't automatically fall in love and move in together. Leo wanted to take things slow and build a foundation first, which was a great idea. A nice addition to the Cattle Valley series.


Lily said...[Reply]

I've only read up the the 5th or 6th book in this series. This one sounds nice.

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