Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: A Delicious Taboo Plus Two by Jennifer Cole

A Delicious Taboo Plus Two
Jennifer Cole
Publisher: Loose ID, LLC
Published: July 8, 2008
Format: Kindle
Source: Personal Library
Genre: Erotica, LGBT, Polyamory
Characters: Melanie Drake, Van Dansk, Calen Maxwell, Phillip Weston, Jake Welland
My Rating:

Heat Level: 4/5
For two years following that first explosive weekend of carnal awakening, Melanie and her four gay lovers have settled into a comfortable life as a family. And as far as any the five lovers are concerned, life just doesn't get any better!

As they approach their second anniversary, Melanie, Calen, Van, Jake and Philip are about to have their world turned upside down. Will the introduction of two more be a catalyst that blows this family's perfect world apart?

Rays of early dawn seeped through the wide slats of wooden blinds, spattering soft light within the darkened room.

This one picks up some years later after A Delicious Taboo, with all five lovers now living together. Melanie and her four lovers are all happy and content, but Melanie hasn't been feeling well. Each of her lovers have all noticed her bouts with illness but she assures them all is well.

In this follow-up, you get a little more of the characters and their personalities than you got in the first. A Delicious Taboo Plus Two contained all the hot sex as the previous book, but more in the way of one-on-one instead of the group setting.

You witness the love they feel for each other on an individual basis. Plus there is also some appearances from the guy's families as well. It's interesting to see how their parents and siblings react to their unorthodox relationship. And there also is an introduction of some friends of theirs who share their same lifestyle. It wraps up the loose ends where A Delicious Taboo left off. A nice, neat conclusion to their love story.


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