Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Arresting Abby by Cheryl Dragon

Arresting Abby
Cheryl Dragon
Publisher: Loose ID
Published: October 1, 2008
Format: Kindle
Source: Personal Library
Genre: Erotica, LGBT, Menage
Characters: Abby, Kevin, Zach
My Rating:

Heat Level: 4/5
Bold for the first time by dressing as a slutty convict for a Halloween party, good girl Abby never makes it. She's pulled over by two sexy men dressed as cops, her best gay boyfriends Zach and Kevin. They know about her lead foot and her fear of getting caught by authority so it's the perfect spooky scare. The men are lovers and they arrest her, taking her to their home for a kinky night better than any party.

She must fulfill their every sexual whim or be taken to jail. Abby has no interest in resisting except when it adds to the pleasure. She's wanted a three-way with them since her friend Zach started dating the rugged alpha Kevin. Not that she imagined they'd really do it, but no one man ever allowed her to be free like she was with these two men. In love with them both, can she seduce Kevin? The sexy bad cop has never had a woman before and may not be willing to share Zach again. Once won't be enough for Abby or Zach. Can they convince Kevin the three of them can turn this ménage into more than a one-night fantasy?

Zach stepped out of his regular clothes and looked across the large bedroom, which was decorated in classic, wooden furniture.

Abby has always had a thing for her two best friends, Zach and Kevin. But the thing with that is, Zach and Kevin are in a committed relationship with each other.

Zach and Kevin decide to give Abby her fantasy come true, a night of sex with two sexy men. The two of them devise this plan and put it into play one Halloween night. What will Abby do to avoid going to jail when she gets pulled over? Lucky for her, the officers are Zach and Kevin.

Abby is so thrilled to be with the two men, that during sex she blurts out her love for them. The entire story takes place that one Halloween night. Abby, Kevin, and Zach all confess their love for one another, and work out all the particulars of their new found threesome relationship all the while having sex.

The epilogue was more of the same just Halloween one year later.


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