Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: The Spy Who Saved Christmas by Dana Marton

Title: The Spy Who Saved Christmas
Author: Dana Marton
Published: October 12, 2010
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Publisher
Format: Kindle
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Characters: Lara Jordan, Reid Graham
My Rating:

Heat Level: 2/5
Single mom Lara Jordan is shocked when her first love comes back from the dead. Then bullets fly, and her sons are kidnapped. She’ll do anything to get them back by Christmas – even if it means working with the man who betrayed her, the supposedly dead father of her children.

Undercover agent Reid Graham’s impossible mission just became tougher. For the first time, he has something to lose: the twin sons he never met, and the only woman he’ll never forget.
His hands were stained and rough-skinned.

Lara Jordan, a single mother of twins, finally agrees to a date with a nice, although boring, man after the death of her first love two years prior. While out on this date she comes face to face with the man she believed was dead, Reid, who just so happens to be the father of her two year old twin boys. Over the course of the night things go from bad to worse when their twins are kidnapped. From that point forward, Lara and Reid are on a mission to save the twins.

The Spy Who Saved Christmas is a fast-paced, action packed romance. There didn't seem to be a single second when there wasn't some sort of action going on. This is not one of those so-called romantic suspense's where the action seems like it's an afterthought. The action in this book stayed front and center.

Reid is your tortured romantic lead who doesn't believe he's deserving of love or a family because of things in his past. Lara is your strong devoted single mother who will do whatever it takes to get her sons back. I felt that neither of them ever stopping loving the other, although neither would admit to it. What I really enjoyed about this story was the fact that it kept you turning the pages just to see what would happen next. I liked Lara and Reid together, although I didn't always agree with some of the stunts Lara pulled in trying to get her sons back. I still feel that they were well written characters. Even one of the secondary characters, Cade, was so well written that I found myself wanting to know more about him and his story.

Overall it's a good well-paced suspense just in time for the holidays.



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