Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review & Giveaway: The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

Title: The Island
Author: Elin Hilderbrand
Published: June 18, 2010
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
Characters: Birdie Cousins, Chess Cousins, Tate Cousins, India
My Rating:

Birdie Cousins has planned a getaway with her daughter Chess on rustic, charming Tuckernuck Island off the coast of Nantucket, a chance to bond before Chess's upcoming marriage. Birdie's been through a difficult divorce herself, so she knows the big commitment that marriage entails. She's only recently dared to tiptoe back into the waters of romance.

When Chess abruptly breaks off the wedding and her fiancé shockingly dies in a rock climbing accident, it leaves Chess feeling guilty and deeply depressed. Birdie circles the wagons, convincing her younger daughter Tate, and her own sister India to join them on Tuckernuck for the month of July. Secrets and intrigue soon make their way to the surface, as Elin Hilderbrand once again weaves a masterful story of summer suspense.

It took a little bit to warm up to this book, but once I did, I really enjoyed it. I guess I really started to become invested in the characters around the point when Birdie kept trying to call Hank while she was in Tuckernuck, and he would barely speak to her. (Hank is the man Birdie started dating after her divorce.)
I did find the characters to be very well developed, and Hilderbrand painted a very vivid picture of Tuckernuck. Her detail of the island made you as a reader want to visit the island. I didn't always agree with the behavior of the characters, but that's what keeps it interesting.
Chess's sister, Tate, I loved at times and at others I couldn't stand. I could feel for her and her situation with her sister since I too am an ordinary younger sister to an extraordinary older sister. I think we all go through it at times, but sometimes I wanted to yell at her to grow up.
In the end, I didn't feel that there was any closure with what Chess was going to do with her personal life. We got closure on her professional life but not what she was going to do about the romantic aspect.

{August 24-September 7, 2010}
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Leslie said...[Reply]

My email address is leslie2103@gmail.com

Where would your dream "island" destination be? It would be on a greek island, like in Mamma Mia.. only no mother. No phones, no internet. Just me, my husband and my dogs.

bookworm56 said...[Reply]

My email address is dsafford001@gmail.com.

My dream island destination would be Easter Island. There is so much history there along with archeological information. I would love to explore it.

Anita Yancey said...[Reply]

My dream island destination would be St. Thomas. I have heard that it is just beautiful there.


missreneer said...[Reply]

I would love to go to Grand Caymen Island with my husband. It is so beautiful and the people are so sweet.
Thanks for the great giveaway :)

mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

Book Loving Mommy said...[Reply]

My dream island destination would be St. Lucia. It is so beautiful there!

Email: gjmanning@wildblue.net

I tweeted this at http://twitter.com/Booklovingmommy

Booksnyc said...[Reply]

I visited Tortola briefly this year on a cruise and was absolutely mesmerized - it is beautiful. I want to go back - definitely a dream island destination!

thanks for hosting this giveaway!

booksncity AT gmail DOT com

pmernick said...[Reply]

My dream island destination is Hawaii. I've always wanted to go!

PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

Protein Girl said...[Reply]

Seychelles! St.Lucia! Anywhere really!

Moridin said...[Reply]

It would be on an Antarctic island.

rubynreba said...[Reply]

It would be Catalina Island. Sounds so romantic!

lv2scpbk said...[Reply]

Probably somewhere in Hawaii. I can only imagine it's beautiful there. craftitwednesday(at)yahoo(dot)com

Colleen Turner said...[Reply]

I think my dream island would be Hawaii. I have heard such wonderful things about it and dream of a relaxing vacation like that.

Aik said...[Reply]

My dream island is the Redang Island in Malaysia.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Aik said...[Reply]

I tweeted:


aikychien at yahoo dot com

AmandaSue said...[Reply]

I'd love to go to the Cayman Islands, My Aunt went there for her Honeymoon and said it was beautiful!


PoCoKat said...[Reply]

My dream island is Tahiti...I've always wanted to go there.

littleone AT shaw DOT ca

acozyreaderscorner said...[Reply]

Hey I would love to enter! Dream Island... hmm.. anywhere tropical! Hawaii right now just because my sis is there!


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