Monday, August 16, 2010

Review: Faith by Jet Mykles

Title: Faith
Author: Jet Mykles
Published: July 24, 2007
Publisher: Loose-Id
Format: E-Book
Source: Personal Library
Characters: Darien Hughes, Chris Faith
My Rating:

Darien's best friends are the other guys in the rock band Heaven Sent. The three—now four—of them are closer than brothers to him and he's happy that they've all found their life mates. He is. He doesn't at all mind that each of those life mates are men. He doesn't.

In fact, that's just it. Maybe there's something to this gay stuff. He's never been particularly interested before, but after a short, failed marriage, he's willing to open himself up to new possibilities. Especially if one of those possibilities is the gorgeous lawyer who handled his divorce, Christopher Faith.

Trouble is, Chris doesn't seem to want to believe that Darien's serious. Well, sure, Darien's never slept with a guy before, but he's allowed to change his mind. Isn't he?
"Damn straight," Darien crowed.

All Darien's friends/band mates were pairing up except him, so he got married. A few months later he got divorced. That's how he hooks up with Chris, his divorce attorney. Darien had not been with a man until Chris. His band mates are all gay so he's always been curious.

Of all the books in this series, I do believe this one is my favorite. I've been a fan of Jet Mykles writing since the first time up pick one of her books. I always go into them expecting a nice, light read but end up getting totally engrossed with the story and the characters. This one did not disappoint. It has a balance of erotic sex and plot. (Some erotic novels seem to lack the actual plot.) Watching his confusion and acceptance of his feeling for Chris added to the overall story. Darien is a great guy that you can't help but to want him to get his happily ever after.



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