Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review: Scream My Name by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Title: Scream My Name
Author: Kimberly Kaye Terry
Published: April 1, 2009
Publisher: Aphrodisia
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 266
Source: Public Library
Characters: Leila James, Brandan Walters, Danita, Jared "Hawk"
My Rating:

Tall, built, and blue-eyed developer Brandan Walters is one hell of a man. Too bad he and Leila James are on opposite sides of an important issue - he has plans for the neighbourhood around her new cafe. In fact, she ought to consider him her enemy. But Leila's blown away just watching him walk toward her: talk about sexy. Brandan's deep baritone is as easy as a long, lazy summer day - the kind of day when two hot people oughta get nice and wet. And what she sees in his eyes when he looks at her is hotter than the blazing sun. Leila will persuade him to see things her way. When her cafe opens for business, it's going to be a very popular place. A place where lovers meet...and passionate affairs get started...

It was rather difficult for me to get into this book. I did find myself casting it aside numerous times, until I finally just went ahead and finished it because it was due back to the library. I know it's catergorized as erotic romance but it should have been just erotic. I didn't find any romance what-so-ever, just sex.

The story goes something like this: Leila and Brandan meet and instant attraction. Leila agrees to go out with Brandan's BFF instead of him and Brandan gets upset and beats his chest like a caveman. (lol) Leila realizes the error of ways and has sex with Brandan. They have lots of hot, sweaty sex, which equals love. Now they get married and live happily ever after.

Plot? What plot? I thought the plot was the sex! Could it have been Brandan trying to buy out her family diner? Iread so little about that, that I figured it was just fluff to fill the gaps in between the sex.

The last half of the book was devoted to Danita and Jarred aka Hawk. The had sex upon meeting each other right there in the diner. So that's where my journey with this booked ended. There was no point in continuing further since I knew how it would play out; more sex, falling in love, happily ever after. This one I don't believe even attempted a disguise of a plot.

I was really disappointed because I really enjoyed Big Spankable Asses, which this author has a novella included in. But then again, my favorite novella in this collection was written by Angie Daniels. Now after reading this one, I'm feeling a little regretful for buying two of her other books instead of checking them out from the library as well.

This book rated 2 butterflies on the sex alone.


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