Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guess the Book...{3}

This is a meme hosted by Jill @ Romance Rookie, that looks like great fun. On Fridays or Saturdays, I'll post a snippet/excerpt of a book from my TBR pile to see if you the readers can guess the title and author. Happy guessing!!

Can you guess from which book this excerpt came?

Even as she shared in the laughter, K-- felt herself tingling again in places she'd forgotten she could tingle.

"You realize, of course, that all you've done by telling him that is present a challenge," S-- said. "SEALs are unbelievably competitive. They don't take no for an answer."

"Marines are the same way," T-- said knowingly. "The more I turned N-- down, the more determined he got."

"Just like Z--," S-- agreed. "Although, I have to admit that I'm the one who seduced him."

"Only because he let you," the other woman said. "I think, after the bombing, he probably wanted to let you make the moves. When you felt ready."

"If he'd made love to me when I was really ready for him, I would've given up my virginity in high school," S-- said. "It may have also been his PTSD. I think he may have worried that I'd have trouble dealing with it."

"But you didn't?" K-- managed to keep her tone conversational while the mention of PTSD rang alarm bells.

"It helped when he had something else to focus on," S-- said thoughtfully. "Like falling in love."


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