Thursday, April 1, 2010

Virgin River Trilogy ~ Robyn Carr

I just finished reading book #2 in Robyn Carr's latest Virgin River trilogy. I've read every book in this series except Virgin River and A Virgin River Christmas. The first two books in this latest trilogy, by far have been my most favorite of the whole series. I'm hoping book #3, Moonlight Road doesn't disappoint.

Forbidden Falls entertains with witty banter between Noah and Ellie. Noah is a Presbyterian minister and Ellie is an ex-dancer trying to regain custody of her two small children. What I loved about Ellie, was the fact that she didn't pull any punches with Noah. Some people tend to be stand-offish once they find out that someone is a minister, but not Ellie. She didn't censor herself for his benefit. My rating:

Angel's Peak is the story of long lost loves reuniting by chance four years later. I won't go into any spoilers, but the back cover of the book lets you know that they have a child together that Sean never knew about. The story shows how Francine and Sean work together to rebuild and repair their past relationship. I won't say that they fell in love all over again because they never stopped loving each other. There is also a secondary story between Sean's mother, Maureen, and Noah's mentor, George. My rating:

Both books of the latest trilogy are definitely worth checking out. Both of these will remain on my "keeper shelf."


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