Saturday, April 17, 2010

On My Wishlist: Volume 1 Issue 2

On my Wishlist is a weekly meme hosted by Book Chick City. I'll try to participate in this meme each week either on Saturday or Sunday. I will be posting books that I haven't bought yet or have not been released yet.

Published: May 2009
Publisher: Samhain

The Blurb

Take it off. Take it all off. To say Harlan Sheppard is hot for teacher would be the understatement of the year. Working closely with Professor Sawyer Addison has taught Harlan one thing. Persistence doesn’t always pay off. With graduation only a day away, Harlan is willing to do anything to get the object of his affection to see him as more than just another student. Unbeknownst to Harlan, Sawyer sees his sexy TA for exactly what he is—an attractive, brilliant man who just so happens to moonlight as a stripper. A fact Sawyer discovered one night at Tricky Dix, a gay strip club. Since then he’s been avoiding the club—and Harlan—like the plague, refusing to allow his career to be overshadowed by his lust. At least for a few hours more. Until graduation. Harlan has waited long enough. He’s ready to show Sawyer just what makes Harlan the hottest headliner around. And if Sawyer won’t come to the club, Harlan will just have to take his show on the road…straight into Sawyer’s bedroom.

Author: Jory Strong
Published: June 2008
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
The Blurb

Spirit Flight By Jory Strong
When Marisa Lacoste goes to the Cascades she never expects to end up running for her life. Betrayed. Terrified. Her pursuers close behind, she scrambles along a canyon wall until she's sent hurtling downward. Left to die, she regains consciousness to find herself in a cave with a warrior whose every touch and glance signals that she belongs to him. Ukiah cares for her. Makes love to her. Conquers her with pleasure. But when a decision on her part puts Marisa back in danger, he's forced to act, to test her courage and the strength of their new relationship by showing himself for what he is--a creation of magic and belief whose spirit takes flight in the storm.

Spirits Shared By Jory Strong
Jessica thought her fiancé, Clay, was as happy and content as she was. But when an innocent conversation in the car leads to his confession about being bisexual, her world is thrown into turmoil. Now she has to decide whether she's willing to risk further emotional pain, and if she's strong enough to share him with another man. Clay has never been one to overplan the future. When it comes to the big picture of his personal life he's always trusted that he'll see the brass ring and be ready to grab it. From the moment he first saw Jessica he knew she was the woman for him. He even managed to convince himself that she was all he'd ever need. Then the temptation to be with another man revealed just how dangerous and erroneous that assumption was. He loves hers. He desires her. He can't bear the thought of losing her. But the only chance Clay sees for a future together is if they're a threesome instead of a twosome.

Note: This story forms the sequel to Spirit Flight, although it can be read as a stand alone.

Two Spirits By Jory Strong
Trey's worked hard at denying he's gay. He's suppressed it by never allowing himself to act on a same-sex attraction. He's avoided it by becoming involved in relationships with women. But when he helps the Feds take down his girlfriend's family, he ends up in protective custody -- and in the arms of Tenino, a sheriff's deputy who wants a permanent lover, one he can share the full truth about his Thunderbird spirit with. The attraction is immediate, intense, undeniable. But their future together is uncertain. Trey's ex-girlfriend is looking for him. And she wants revenge -- of the fatal kind.



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