Friday, April 23, 2010

Guess the Book...{2}

This is a meme hosted by Jill @ Romance Rookie, that looks like great fun. On Fridays, I'll post a snippet/excerpt of a book from my TBR pile to see if you the readers can guess the title and author. I'll try to host my version of this meme each Friday. Happy guessing!!

Can you guess from which book this excerpt came?

He touched his mouth to hers. She did not flinch. She took his kiss. And so he pressed firmly, indulging the sweet fire lingering on the center of her lips.
First kisses were always awkward. This one flamed with welcoming adventure. It wasn't really their first. Yet it was the first they'd both agreed to.
She was the one to dash her tongue across his, blending her fiery chocolate heat with his own. He had never tasted a finer kiss. A kiss so wickedly hot, and capable of melding two mouths that would normally never touch.
"I like that," she said against his mouth. Her lashes fluttered. "The chocolate, I mean."
"Right, the chocolate." He kissed her again, more chaste, a finale to something that could become much more were the gauzy tent not so sheer.
"Thank you," he said. "For teaching me to experience new

Sounds steamy! Anyone know the title?


Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...[Reply]

Oh, that sounds lovely...don't know the title. I'm hopping on by via the Blogger Hop!

Tasha said...[Reply]

Thanks for stopping by!! This excerpt is from 'Her Vampire Husband' by Michele Hauf. It's sitting on my bookshelf to be read, but I think it's part of a series and I don't have the first couple of books yet.

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